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    Data security is top of mind for all of these companies. Without secure data, their whole business is at risk. Leaked data is a major source of financial loss in the media industry. This is the first and most important concern for most media companies. Whether it's a page layout, a game design, film footage, or song tracks, media companies must set higher standards for security for their intellectual property than companies from other industries.
    "Set passwords, permissions, and expirations so you can control exactly who sees your manuscripts, demos, and treatments. Expedite negotiations and consolidate planning to get your show on the road."

    Data fragmentation and coordination

    Because media companies work with freelancers and different siloed (often self-interested) departments at every step of the process, corralling a decision-maker is difficult. Business units at media companies often make their own technology purchases instead of a central IT department that rolls out a single system.
    "Once you've put all the finishing touches on your masterpiece, centralize your marketing assets, mobilize your sales team, and securely distribute your work with just one click"

    Changing distribution processes, revenue streams, and software needs

    Media companies are always struggling to find the source of their next profit, particularly in an age where piracy is common and anyone can develop their own content to compete with professional agencies. Refinements of today's digital rights management (DRM) software, designed to block file sharing, will be an ongoing contest with file sharers. As these systems go digital, large technological infrastructure changes will lead to large software purchases.

    Budget and time savings

    Staying within budget and on schedule is incredibly important across the media industry. Since resources are rented and actors/sets are paid on an hourly basis, wasted time turns into wasted money. In the news industry, moving quickly is imperative to getting a story recorded accurately and printed first.
    "Eliminate budget-breaking delays by keeping employees, freelancers, and IT on the same page with shared folders, groups, and comprehensive audit logs"

    Handling large files and Syncing

    Media companies constantly handle large files; whether they're videos, magazine layouts, advertisements, or animations, the typical digital file of a media company is substantially larger than those of other companies. As a result, sync must be excellent with large files.
    "With best-in-class sync, your teams will have access to the latest files from any location, on any device, in real time."

    Working with contractors

    When you go to a production set, 95% of the people you'll find there are not employees of the movie studio - they're contractors. This presents some interesting challenges for managing collaboration and data, and will come up often when we talk about streamlining workflows in media.

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